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Meet Megz

Lovingly known as “Megz”; the 30 something self-described beauty influencer from Los Angeles delivers a fresh and authentic approach to lifestyle and beauty product reportage. Her honest and sassy sensibility has captured the hearts of over 60 million solution seeking women across the globe. From live on-set hairstyles, step-by step tutorials, candid cosmetic commentary and rhythmic rants, Megz provides a detailed dish and investigative insight as hoards of questions and inquiries pour into her social media channels daily.

Megan has always possessed a deep appreciation for all things creative. As a child, Megan had an unsettled interest in art and fashion design. Over time her passions grew more sophisticated in the area of beauty. At the age of 19, Megan's father inspired her to follow her dreams. Armed with a craving for cosmetics, she began experimenting with colors and techniques. Understanding that it’s all about “the complete look”, this prompted her to take better care of her hair thus navigating her personal healthy hair care journey. The more she practiced with hair care and makeup the more attention she began to gain within the social media community. By popular demand, women of all ages began to motivate Megan to produce Youtube video tutorials. Ten years later, she has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Her video catalog has received over 60 millions views to date and counting. Her focus is to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and interactive experience, and to promote everyone to believe that they can indeed achieve whatever goals and aspirations they seek. Megan is looking forward to the future by helping her followers achieve their beauty and personal goals. Megan strives to utilize her personal journey as a platform to inspire, encourage and empower women for generations to come!

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